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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Amra Surfina


Alhamdulillah all prises to Allah bagi aku peluang untuk jadi seorang ibu.. finally selamat lahirkan seorang puteri pada 20 December 2015 which is awal 2 minggu dari due date..
dah 2 bulan baru sempat nak update

 abi dan ummi sepakat namakan our first baby as


Amra bint Abdur-Rahman was amongst the greatest of the female Successors, of the second generation, the generation that came after that of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad SAW. She was a jurist, a mufti, and a Hadith specialist.

Amra was a student under Aisha bint Abu Bakr, the Prophet’s wife and an influential trasmitter of ahadith transmitter. Aisha opinion carried more weight than many other authorities so that there are records of her revering decisions by other judges. In fact Aisha was regarded as the prime authority on legal concerns including that of agriculture.   
Amra was actually the grand daughter of one of the companions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) by the name of Asad ibn Zararah Ansari. She had a special relationship with Aisha (RA) and according to the scholar Iman Bukhari (RA) acted as her secretary responsible for all of Aisha's correspondence. It is also believed by what the scholar Ibn Habban has taught, that Amra was the person to have received the best knowledge of ahadith from Aisha (RA)

The great Caliph `Umar ibn ‘Abdul-`Aziz used to say: "If you want to learn Hadith go to Amra." Imam Zuhri, who is credited with compiling the first systematically edited compilation of Hadith used to say: "Go to Amra, she is the vast vessel of Hadith."

During that time, the Judge of Madinah ruled in a case involving a Christian thief from Syria who had stolen something. The judge had ordered that his hand be severed. When Amra bint Abdur-Rahman heard of this decision, she immediately told one of her students to go tell the judge that he cannot severe the man’s hand because he had stolen something whose value was less than a single gold coin (dinar). As soon as he heard what Amra had said, he ordered that the man be released, unharmed.

He did not question her authority, nor did he seek a second opinion from other scholars, who were quite numerous in Madinah at the time. They included the likes of Sa`id ibn Al-Musayyib. This incident is recorded in the Muwatta’ of Imam Malik, and this ruling is also his opinion in such cases. 

Amra exemplified a tradition of scholarly excellence among women, which continued throughout the centuries.

Surfina pula maksudnya yang bersih suci

Ummi doakan Amra Surfina jadi sehebat Amra  bint Abdur-Rahman

here we go few pic as kenangan untuk abi ummi dan amra in future

fresh from oven

few hours

1 month

2 months

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