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“Biar tak kaya harta tapi kaya budi, biar hanya kata-kata, kadang-kadang itu lebih bererti.”

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new sem..new mood..

slip result suda diambil ptg tadi..nothing suprise coz already known from the portal..not too good..but ok..bersyukur.. and today is a 2nd day my lecture.. new lecture 4 my pathology sbject.. how suprise coz the lecture is come from abroad.. DR THANT ZIN ..little bit probs coz I can't catch up all what does he talk.. I can't catch the main idea n other.. but still bersyukur coz he give us a soft copy notes.. thanx sir ...

this sem I thought there are a lot hard sbject..so I need to focus on my study..but .. how do I..???
I need a support from others.. and maybe U..huhu..

I really hope I can score 4 this semester excellently.....

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