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Thursday, October 4, 2012

finally im done 1st posting

alhamdulillah..its has been 4 weeks..i finally done my 1st posting at OPD kk..and today is my deadline to submit case write up..and bangun pagi ni kepala ting tong..it is not only because i stay to finish up my case write up alone but think i got some infection..since last two days i got a mild fever, cough and finally last nite i realize there is some bintik2 merah on my skin..wth..adekah aku dijanggiti demam campak??

and today a bit headache with unstopped sneezing..hew..hew...ujian..ujian..
ok sebenarnya ini bukanlah headline hari ni..
makanya headline hari ni nak cakap..my mind changing again..last time i said that i want to further my study, then malas-malas pulak..but then yesterday the 'semangat ' come back..yehuuu!!
but im still not sure..camne kalau aku hanyalah hangit -hangit tahi ayam?..i ask my sister..but nobody can give the solution, i need to think more and more.. i think i need to list up all the advantages and disadvantages..do i?

hello fyp pn tak ciap lg okeh..wake up! wake up!
lets move to the next stage peeps!

~thanx for reading..feel free to drop by~

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