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“Biar tak kaya harta tapi kaya budi, biar hanya kata-kata, kadang-kadang itu lebih bererti.”

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

feel free

officially third year is over..alhamdulillah
yesterday is our last exam which is therapeutic diet
im not ganna say it is the best exam because of some menu is worst for the case..
sincerely for me what kind of knowledge is that?
when different lecturer has different mazhab then the effect on students..
im getting confused whenever lab comes..i donno want to follow whos..
then when exam comes everyone getting confused..results..buat muke pelik bile kena komen dengan examiner..pastu bleh pula examiner cakap tak semestinya "dia " betul..dia disini merujuk kepada lecturer..so how nk dapatkan ilmu yg betul.?

ahh..persetan semua itu..lets enjoy holiday yg tak brape nk ada ni..chill!!

no free yet..FYP..FYP..FYP..mari buat satu pusingan di batu bersurat!

 ~thanx for reading..feel free to drop by~

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